Two Paths Diverge

Grad Show Signage:

After talking with Grad Studies and having the scope of work clarified, especially in respect to the marquee walls, I’m feeling a little more positive about doing something special in regards to a dynamic signage project.

It turns out that while there are some five or six odd marquee wall locations, it has been brought to our attention that there’s one additional special marquee-type wall location, the display window in front of the Fox Building. Instead of doing something overly complicated for each marquee wall, we can instead do something really amazing for this one fixed location for the duration of the Grad Show season. Additionally, because this is one location, any budget for tech or hardware would be focused instead of spread across multiple spaces.

The window is like a big vertical diorama, it’s fairly deep, and it slightly extends past the edges of the glass (as viewed from the outside) so hiding mechanical components or whatever tech used wouldn’t be a problem.

Key things to explore: Input, Movement, Depth, Shadow, 3D Printing


Kinetic installation at BMW.

Kinetic installation at BMW.

– – –

Sculptural Object: Vase

This is in the same spot as last week. Still trying to think of what could be the data that’s being visualized. Perhaps something more ephemeral, so the physical form could be shaped by something that’s fleeting, thereby giving permanence to something that exists for only a short time and likely not at all physically.

Explored the API for Twitter a bit this week. Trying to see how I can limit my search to a geographical area. Pulling in data is easy, but making the data work for me is just every so slightly more complex.

Something more on the fun side of things, because this would be made through Rhino and with the help of Grasshopper, I could theoretically easily also pattern the surface of the final vase, which doesn’t necessarily have to have connection to the data and instead can be entirely decorative (but might be nice if it does connect to the data). Groves, ridges, bumps, ripples, etc.

Things to explore: Surface, Pattern, Rotation, Nesting

Approximate glaze color for ceramics at Shapeways.

Approximate glaze color for ceramics at Shapeways.


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