Tweet Data Captured

I captured 48 total hours of tweets in Baltimore, from Mon Nov 24 09:49:16 EST 2014 to Wed Nov 26 09:55:56 EST 2014.

I will likely just use the data from 2014/11/25 00:00:00 to 2014/11/25 11:59:59 so that I can visualize exactly one full day in Baltimore. Right now I’m pretty settled on using “love” vs “hate” since those words are short, common, diametric, and a major category of tweets (praise or complaints).

After doing some very basic ratio analysis on the data, and seeing how the ratio varies from one hour to the next, there’s a few hours that would not print well in a ceramic 3D print as there would be just too much overhang and adding support material would probably work well because it wouldn’t be removable like it could on a plastic print since everything gets coated in glaze and fired in a kiln. So, I think making each segment a two hour timespan would give a better result for the medium as well as reducing the total number of segments by half allowing a less frantic—more smooth—shape over the total possible height allowed by Shapeways. Here’s a very rough mockup of what this would look like:

Next up: Rhino/Grasshopper to convert the data into an actual model.


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