T-Minus 11 Days

Things are finally getting to feel like they’re real, and close to finished. Still a ton of work to be done in the next week, but we’re getting there for sure.

In the past week we’ve done a TON of CNC routing, painting, and soldering.

Beginning painting. Flat black latex.

Beginning painting. Flat black latex.

It was super helpful that Harrison was using the CNC router while we painted, we could use the hot exhaust from the vacuum system to rapidly dry our paint.

Painting progression.

Painting progression.

After talking with Paul some more and getting clarification on our circuit, it worked out nicely that each LED strip needed only one end to be soldered. I got quite proficient at soldering these little devils.

Late night, soldering LED strips.

Late night, soldering LED strips.

Turns out that hanging the letters on fishing line is a non-starter. But we only figured that out after poor Amanda spent the whole night threading them and generally cursing life tying to get them aligned just so. Very much a pain being designers and wanting that pixel perfect alignment in all of our work, because this part is anything but.

Finally we decided to just order a big sheet of plexiglass, and then glue the letters onto the plexi and hang that in front of the dots. That way we can have perfect alignment and not worry about things moving/shifting on us.

Positioning. Almost there.

Positioning. Almost there.


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